Thursday, April 9, 2009

Two Happy Endings for Two German Shepherds

The Pennsylvania SPCA (PSPCA) is a big fan of German Shepherds, so today's post is about two of our former residents: Alfie and Angie.

You've probably heard about Alfie (in the top picture), the German Shepherd "hero dog" who alerted her owners when their two-year-old son climbed onto the roof of their home in 2006. Sadly, last week Pennsylvania (PSPCA) Humane Law Enforcement Officers found Alfie abandoned in the basement of that same home.

Alfie had very little food, no water, and feces were covering the ground. She was 15 pounds underweight and severely dehydrated. Alfie been neglected for at least two months. PSPCA Officers brought her to the shelter, where she received much needed medical attention and TLC.

Thanks to the outpouring of concern from the community, Alfie went to a loving foster home within days of being rescued. Now she's on her way to a permanent recovery.

Another one of the PSPCA's former Shepherd residents is Angela, the beautiful black dog in the bottom picture.

Angela -- now known as "Angie" -- came to us from animal control in January 2009. After a one-month stay at our shelter, she was adopted by a loving family.

Angie's new owner shared the following update:

"Me and Angie are doing wonderful. She has 2 best friends, my dog Ginger and my cat Shadow. They play all the time. She also has a couple of friends over at the nearest dog park. We go there 4 times a week and she loves it.

I believe Angie is very happy and I'm completely happy with her. I wanted to let you and everyone at the PSPCA know that she has a great family who loves her.

Angie is an amazing dog, a diamond in the rough. I love her and I thank you so much for giving her the chance to meet me and fill the missing part in my life. I'm full now, I have everything I could ask for.

We are happy and love the PSPCA. Just let me know if there is anything I and my family can do. Thank you."

Two happy endings for two beautiful dogs!

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  1. I remember Angela - she is a great dog and I am so happy for her that she got a good home !


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