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The following success story illustrates the power of teamwork, especially when animal lovers are involved.

In May of 2008, Pennsylvania SPCA (PSPCA) Humane Law Enforcement Officer Greg J. rescued a very special dog from a cruelty/neglect case in Northeast Philadelphia. The dog was NyNy, an older Doberman Pincher who was left in a yard with large, open, infected wounds on this forearms, the result of "lick granuloma." His nails were so overgrown that they were digging back into his paws. NyNy was bleeding in multiple places and he suffered from hypothyroidism, which had gone untreated for years.

When Officer Greg arrived at the scene, he knew right away that NyNy was a special dog that deserved a second chance. He recalled:

"After initially seeing NyNy in his rear yard hobbling toward me, my heart went out to this dog that clearly hadn’t received necessary vet care, nor had his grossly overgrown nails clipped. He had a great large yard and yet he couldn’t enjoy painlessly running around it."

Officer Greg brought NyNy back to the PSPCA to begin the healing process. "NyNy didn’t put up any resistance to going for the ride to the PSPCA when I put him in our vehicle," he said. "Even on the exam table, he was extremely cooperative and let our vets treat his wounds and trim his nails."

NyNy spent two months at the PSPCA healing from his wounds, both physical and psychological. He was still unsure about people and didn't know how to trust them. But PSPCA staff and volunteers never gave up on NyNy, whom they knew was a loving dog underneath all the fear and anxiety.

In July, Pam T. of the Doberman Pinscher Rescue of PA, Inc. came forward to find a permanent home for NyNy. Pam reached out to her extensive network of Doberman lovers and connected with RhondaSue, who gladly opened her home to NyNy.

RhondaSue shared the following update on NyNy, whom she how refers to as "Jack":

"Jack's gait is very good. He runs and pounces and wants to be hugged and petted all the time. He is good about taking food from your hand.

Jack has not overcome his obsessive licking on his left front paw, so he wears an
Elizabethan collar ("E-collar" or "E-cone") that is transparent.

He is quite the charmer with visitors. He "cones" them (pushes his E-cone against them) and won't leave until I tell him to "go to blankey." He likes men and women both but seems to have a preference for women. He is good with older children.

Jack does not bite. He loves his blankey and has "his" spot in the living room. He is not food aggressive and sits and waits until released to eat. He takes thyroid medication every morning and
Rimadyl once a day.

I have two other large dogs (neutered males) with whom he gets along fine. There is the occasional growl over a bone or who can squeeze through the door first but no aggression. Jack loves to be petted and sit right by me. He keeps his eye on me all the time. He loves being in the house. He goes outside to do his business but has absolutely no interest in staying outside even now that nice weather is here.

Jack has a forever home with me. It was love at first sight for both of us. He has never been anything but loving to me. Thank you for not putting him down and contacting
Doberman Pinscher Rescue of PA to take him. That chance he was given has been a blessing to both Jack and me. We love each other and he will have a loving home for the rest of his life."

When I shared this update with Officer Greg, he was thrilled to hear that NyNy/Jack is living the live he deserved.

"He’s a very kind dog that now has the opportunity with another home to provide the loving companionship I know he’s capable of providing," he said.

Now that's teamwork! What a great example of what can be accomplished when animal lovers work together.

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