Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Couch Potatoes

Yesterday I wrote about a cat who likes broccoli, so today I'm writing about potatoes.....couch potatoes, to be exact!

Here are two emails I received about dogs who love to lounge. Both of them were
adopted from the Pennsylvania SPCA (PSPCA) in Philadelphia.

The first email is from Nanci, who adopted Dempsey (formerly known as Heinz) -- the pit bull in the top picture:

"We adopted Dempsey in mid-January of 2009 and he’s as happy as he can be. He is an amazing addition to our family! He’s just loving life and his new pack. He is incredibly gentle with the kids. When the baby hands him his dog toys, Dempsey is so careful and gentle while accepting them. Everywhere I take him, he is simply fawned over and eating it up. His new vet is in love with him. Dempsey is a great on following commands -- he can sit, lay, and stay. Dempsey also LOVES other dogs and has made a few new doggie buddies at the dog park (there are no restrictions on pit bulls where we live!). His favorite activities are chewing on his bones, getting massages, and resting on his old man chair….it’s now his!"

The second email is from Anne, who adopted Buddy (formerly known as LT) -- the Lab mix in the bottom picture):

"Buddy is doing GREAT! What a sweet dog! He loves to play, he goes for long walks two times a day with my dad, and he hangs out with his new sister Maggie every now and then. She usually comes in to raid his toy box and Buddy doesn't mind at all, mainly because he's a big 'ol couch potato. He and my dad made quick friends! I take him with me on Sundays to my friend’s house and we walk through the cemeteries with her dog, Jay. She also has 3 cats and 2 birds, and Buddy is NOT aggressive with other animals. We are so HAPPY that someone saw what a great dog he was and set things up so that he could at meet his new sister, which obviously went well and now he has forever home. We love Buddy so much!!! Take care and thanks again for checking in."

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