Monday, April 20, 2009

Finding Time for Jade

It's a cold and rainy day outside, but this email truly brightened my day!

This is from a Mechanicsburg resident who drove two hours to adopt a dog from the
Pennsylvania SPCA's (PSPCA) Danville Adoption Branch. Ironically, the dog was originally surrendered to the shelter because its previous owner "didn't have enough time."

Dear Kim,

My name is Jessica. My husband and I adopted a 2-3 year old black lab mix from the
Danville SPCA about a month ago. I just wanted to let you know that she is a wonderful dog, we feel really lucky to have found her.

We named her Jade, and she's doing really well. She's getting along with my cat, Diva (though by "getting along," I mean she's staying out of Diva's way). Diva is quite well named, I adopted her from the SPCA in Norfolk, VA, about 4 years ago. Jade doesn't bother her at all.

Jade is also doing great with our 6 month old son Colin. She just watches him, lets him grab her hair, and she licks his ears. He's constantly laughing at her, while he watches her play.

Jade loves her tennis ball, going walking and jogging, and most recently, going to the dog park where she gets along great with other dogs.

I was really impressed with the Danville SPCA, and have nothing but nice things to say about them, which is ultimately why I was willing to drive two hours to adopt a dog from the nice folks at the Danville SPCA. They were wonderful and very easy to work with.

I know that there is a real epidemic of unwanted pets, and you guys are really doing a good thing finding homes for them. I am really glad we found Jade and were able to adopt her, she's awesome, and fitting into our little family like we've always had her.
Thanks a lot,


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