Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To Love and Be Loved

A 19th century French author named George Sand once said, "There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.”

Judging by the picture above, Layde Luv and her new owner, George, would probably agree.

Layde Luv was adopted from the
Pennsylvania SPCA (PSPCA) on Valentine’s Day of 2009. I recently received the following update from George.

"My family and I adopted a dog which we picked up on Valentines Day, hence her name Layde Luv. She's a loving, playful pitbull terrier.

Since the adoption, Layde seems a lot more comfortable with human interaction and a lot happier also. She interacts very well with children of all ages. She doesn't like to be alone very long, so she is in my car with me a lot! She thinks she's a lap dog when she jumps right into your lap to cuddle, nuzzle, and play.

Layde enjoys warm baths in between grooming appointments. People in the nieghborhood love all the different sweaters she sports when it's chilly.

I am in the process of training Layde. She already knows the basic commands sit, stay, come, and down. She loves going to the park and running with me. Although we have not mastered off-leash walking yet, she walks on a lead properly, without pulling, etc.

Layde has already become a member of the family and shows us her growing love and devotion daily...and we do sincerely love her!"


  1. Was Layde Luv one of the lucky dogs adopted at the PSCPA's Valentine's Day party? If so, what a worthwhile event! I believe several dogs were adopted at that event, but even if it was just one - it was worth it!

  2. It sounds like Layde Luv is one lucky pup. Especially since she not only has a loving family but a very stylish wardrobe to boot!!


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