Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Third Time's a Charm

If patience is a virtue, then the Pennsylvania SPCA is full of saints.

Our animals come to the shelter, often from neglectful and abusive situations, looking for a second chance at life. They wait in their kennels for someone to see them and fall in love. Every footstep they hear and every smiling face they see is a ray of hope, a chance that life will get better. And when they are finally adopted, they can rest their furry little heads knowing that the past is behind them.

Unless, of course, they are returned.

Maybe the family had unrealistic expectations about housebreaking a puppy. Maybe they had a change in lifestyle and could no longer commit to routine veterinary care. Maybe they had a baby. Maybe they moved. Or maybe they no longer wanted a pet. Maybe just that particular pet.

We see it all too often. And sadly, once an animal has been returned, it's even harder to find someone to look past this spot on its permanent record. "Returned" is a label no animal wants to have.

For that reason, the Pennsylvania SPCA gives "two paws up" to all the adopters who gave an animal a second -- excuse me, a THIRD! -- chance at finding a real forever home.

And to the patient animals (some of whom are pictured above) who never gave up hope....the third time's a charm!


  1. It's good to see Smiley up there. Of course he's smiling!

  2. One of my dogs had been returned twice before I adopted him. I don't know what I would do without my little lovebug!

  3. Kim, I love this site. It's a really great place for staff and volunteers to realize the impact that is made by their efforts. It adds a personal touch to what we do.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. A few of my babies were 'return adoptions'. There is something about a furbaby who has been returned/dumped/abandoned. They seem to know they've been given another chance. I honestly believe that is why they seem more in tune and affectionate. Its like they 'check-in' to make sure they are still doing everything right. And, of course, they are just by being themselves!

  5. I adopted Carter, one of the "3rd Time's a Charm" dogs, and he is doing great. He loves to play in the yard and is so happy when he has doggie play dates. So far he has learned to "heel" and to "sit". But by far his favorite thing is to snuggle with anyone who will let him.


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