Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sister Act: Lucy and Maddie

Yesterday I wrote about two sisters who ended up in the same “forever home.” Today’s story is also about two sisters, but believe it or not, they aren’t actually related by blood.

Lucy (in the pink collar) is a Standard Poodle mix who was adopted from the
Pennsylvania SPCA (PSPCA). Her new sister is Maddie (in the red collar), who had already found her forever home.

The pictures above show the two girls enjoying their “forever yard” during their first week of sisterhood. From the looks of it, it’s hard to believe they weren’t separated at birth!

Here’s an email I received from their mom:

“Lucy came home with us a week ago. While we are working through some health issues with her, she is the sweetest, most beautiful dog. All is going well. She is integrating in well with our other dog, Maddie. It will take some time for them to be best friends, but they are on their way.

Lucy was starved before, but now in one week has gained weight and was potty trained in 1.5 days. Not an accident since then for over a week now. She is even uncrated and has free run of the house at all times, including bed time, where she sleeps right next to us.

We are thrilled with her and I am so glad you do what you do. Truly, Lucy seems so very happy!”

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