Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Laundry Day

I was too busy doing laundry last night to post on the blog, but apparently I wasn't the only one doing housework. Here are three Pennsylvania SPCA (PSPCA) pets that were also doing their chores!

Ironically, each of these pets was rescued from very FILTHY situations, but now they have loving -- and clean! -- homes.

The top dog (pun intended!) is Rusty, who was covered in fleas when the PSPCA Humane Law Enforcement Officers rescued him in August 2008. Now he's happy and flea-free with his new family, who adopted him in September. Rusty's parents said he enjoys taking walks at the river and in the park and he loves the water.

Rusty's mom said, "Rusty has learned to give both paws, he did know his left from right, but i got lazy on that one, lol. He waves, speaks, crawls, gives me five, and puts his dukes up! We just started playing hide and seek, he likes that...ok, so do I! As soon as the dollar store gets in hula-hoops, we will be starting some fun with that! I thank the lord for this pup every day."

The second dog is Mary Todd Lincoln, an 8-year-old pug who came to the Pennsylvania SPCA's Danville Adoption Center in December 2008 from a breeding kennel that was shut down. She hadn't bathed in years, her eyes were full of gunk from ulcers that were never treated, and she had four teeth growing out of one spot -- along with an impacted hairball. Mary Todd Lincoln was quickly adopted and now she lives with four other dogs in Philadelphia.

Mary Todd Lincoln's dad writes, "Mary Todd is the perfect dog. Once the PSPCA veterinary staff removed her impacted teeth (and hairball), her pain disappeared and she became more energetic and affectionate. She loves giving kisses to everyone. On Valentine's Day, she worked in the PSPCA's "Smooch-a-Pooch" kissing booth and gave kisses for $1 a peck. She did very well! We're so happy that she's part of our family and she's no longer being exploited in a breeding kennel."

Last but not least, the kitty hiding in the laundry is Jake Oscar Beckett. He is a five-month-old kitten with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a neurological disorder. He has tremors and occasionally falls over while walking. Jake was saved by a 10-year-old boy who heard him crying, tied up in a plastic bag, buried in a trash can on collection day. He and his mother brought Jake to the PSPCA and now he's in a loving foster home.

Jake's foster mom explained, "His moniker, Jake Oscar Beckett, came to him based on (1) his disorder (we call him "Shakey Jake"), (2) where he was found (in a trash can), and (3) the patron saint for the date that he was found."


  1. mary todd lincoln looks snug as a bug in a rug! she was so lucky to have been rescued...and named after a first lady!

  2. I just love this blog ! I check every day for new stories ; the successes keep us going. A Grateful Volunteer !


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