Monday, March 16, 2009

The Big Bang Theory

Have you ever watched "The Big Bang Theory" on CBS? There's a character named Sheldon who's as socially dysunctional as he is adorable.

The Sheldon pictured above is just plain adorable!

This little guy and four of his siblings were brought to the Pennsylvania SPCA's (PSPCA) adoption center in Danville. Unfortunately, the pups' mother was never spayed and when she gave birth to her litter, the owner could not keep all the puppies. Last week, one of the pups found a new home.

Dee emailed the following update:

"My husband was very moved with the new pup, who he named Sheldon, after a character on the TV program, 'The Big Bang Theory.' He is a sweet, lovable, playful bundle of joy. Everyone loves him.

We live on a 30-acre horse farm and have a large pond that Sheldon is just going to love.

Thanks PSPCA for matching us up! He has a forever home with us, wish we could take them all home."

Everyone at the PSPCA is thrilled that Sheldon found a loving home! To meet the other animals waiting for their forever homes, visit our website:

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