Friday, February 27, 2009

Bounce's 15 Most Lovable Shelter Pets Contest

The Pennsylvania SPCA partnered with Bounce (dryer sheets) and in a national contest called “Bounce’s 15 Most Lovable Shelter Pets,” which runs through March 9. The contest website is:

Five of the pets are from the Pennsylvania SPCA! By participating in the contest, we’re hoping to find new homes for each of them. Two of the animals -- Midnight and Shakespeare -- have already been adopted, but three of them are still here waiting…and waiting….and waiting.

So why is Bounce involved?

Four out of ten Americans say that “shedding” is their biggest pet peeve about pets (pun intended!), so the contest will promote how Bounce’s dryer sheets actually help repel pet hair. And it smells nice!

So please visit the contest's website and vote for your favorite pet! You're allowed to vote once a day, so make this part of your daily routine.....the animals will thank you.


  1. I saw Meringue (one of the Bounce pets) on NBC 10 Saturday morning. She looked beautiful! I really hope she gets adopted. Did she really have 12 babies? Meringue deserves a loving home.

  2. Baby is another wonderful lady who badly needs a home - she's been at the PSPCA too long ! She is such a good little girl when I walk her, totally sweet and loving. Since she's a brindle I worry about her - brindles seem to be so overlooked or actually shunned. Fingers crossed for Baby


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