Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Mardi Paws

The Pennsylvania SPCA's party float (i.e., mobile adoption RV) rolled down to Old City Philadelphia February 24th to celebrate "Mardi Paws!" 

From 12:00 to 2:00 pm, five of our adoptable dogs partied outside Doggie Style wearing beads and festive collars and barking "Happy Mardi Paws!" to everyone who passed by. 

Our infamous kissing booth was occupied by the official "Mardi Paws Queen," a miniature poodle named Honey Child who came to our shelter as a stray. Honey Child doled out kisses for $1 each and her hard work paid off though....she found a new home! 

Another one of our party animals, a brown & white terrier mix named Jordan, fell in love with a camera man from ABC 6 who was there to film the festivities. 

Marshmallow, a white terrier mix, was named "Mardi Paws King" after he was spotted chewing on a fuzzy beer bottle (a toy, of course!) and rolling around on the sidewalk. What a party!

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