Friday, June 5, 2009

Want to Save a Dog's Life? Here's How.

"PSPCA Tails" is a blog about success stories......and these three sweethearts are SO CLOSE to becoming our next story, but they need your URGENT help to get there. These pooches are currently at the Animal Care & Control Team shelter (operated by the Pennsylvania SPCA) in Philadelphia.

Winston, Eva, and Princess have a RESCUE CONFIRMED to take them, but they rescue can't go there for another 7-10 days. So, they each need a short-term, temporary foster home with no other dogs to crash at for 7-10 days. After that, rescue will pick them up and deliver them safely to their second chance at life.

But they need you in order to get their second chance!

If you don't have any dogs already, and you can be a foster parent for just 7-10 days, YOU WILL SAVE THEIR LIVES!!!!!

Ladies and gentleman, I give you "Eva"......

Eva (the beautiful brown dog in the top picture) is only about 1 year old. Eva was scared when she came to us but is beginning to come out of her shell. She is playful and rambunctious and full of adolescent wiggles! Eva is learning to play and she likes to cuddle and give kisses, too! This poor little girl came to us as a stray, so she is skinny and needs to put on some weight. Sweet little Eva is scared here at the shelter, and she's waiting patiently for her foster mommy and daddy.

Next, meet "Winston".......

Winston (the goofy white dog in the middle picture) is a male neutered 3-5 year old American Bulldog Dalmatian mix. Poor Winston was surrendered here due to the health of his owner and family. He is very submissive and outwardly social and friendly, a big boy with an even bigger smile. He is feeling very lonely and confused. Winston knows “sit," “stay,” and “lay down" and he responds quickly and looks to you for the next command with a gaping smile! He is a good boy with a great attitude, considering his confusion and change of environment. Winston has been behaviorally evaluated as "highly adoptable."

Last, but certainly not least, here is "Princess"....

Princess (the striking beauty in the bottom picture) is a stunningly beautiful female Elkhound, about 2 to 4 years old. We believe Princess is already spayed, as she was adopted from a local shelter. Poor Princess was surrendered by her owner’s neighbor because they kept going away and leaving the dog locked in the house and not caring for her. Then they left a key with the neighbor and said they longer wanted her. Princess is a bit shy and aloof at first (can you blame her?!), but she warms up very quickly. She likes to come up and lick your hand and then retreat to the back of her kennel....and then come up again for more kisses and tail wagging. Princess is in great physical shape!

If you can open your home to one of these pups for JUST 7-10 DAYS and save a doggie's life, please contact the ACCT Lifesaving Manager, Natalie Smith, at and write "I CAN FOSTER for 7-10 DAYS" in the subject line.

Are you an animal lover? Here's your chance to walk the walk. Winston, Eva, and Princess need you. 

Thank you.


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