Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sam's Super Senior Success Story

I have such a soft spot for senior dogs, it's a pleasure to share this success story on Sammy -- now known as "Sam." First, I'm sharing an email from his foster mother, Petra, who is an active volunteer with the Pennsylvania SPCA (PSPCA) and the Animal Care & Control Team (ACCT). Second, I'm posting an update from his Sam's new owners, Rob and Eileen. 

If you've ever considered fostering an animal in need, I hope this story moves you to TAKE ACTION!!

Here's an email from Petra, Sammy's foster mother:

"Sammy was an owner surrender to ACCT and listed as ~ 10 years old. He was deemed only foster care, as he was very skiddish with body handling, and very stressed and scared in the shelter. We took Sammy into foster care on March 6 and he was officially adopted on April 18. Sammy came out of his shell within 3-5 days and showed us that he was a mellow, loving and sweet dog. After Eileen and Rob adopted him, he initially developed some separation anxiety that they decided to work on with him, and Sammy now lives very happily with 2 cats, a parrot, and his wonderful parents. He could not have found a better home :-)   Updates like the one we just got from Eileen are what makes it possible to "give up" the dogs that you take into your home, and make fostering a wonderful experience for everyone involved, and most importantly Sam got his chance of living out his golden years loved and cared for which he so much deserved. Thanks to Rob and Eileen for falling in love with a (young) senior and for adopting!!!!"

And here's the update from Sam's new parents, Rob and Eileen:

"Sam is such a pleasure.  Rob and I feel like we've had him forever.  We found treats that he likes, Carvers, which are 80% chicken rather than the other crap that some of the treats have.  Rob bought him a toy last night, a stuffed squeeky ball.  We were surprised how he took to it right away.  He NEVER plays with anything. We throw the ball and he pounces on it and rolls around on the floor and finally winds up on his back playing with it!  So funny to see those short little legs holding the ball.  Take care, just wanted to give you an update on our Sam. We love him to death!!!"

Have we convinced you to become a foster?!?! Check out these links for more information -- the animals will thank you!

PSPCA Foster Care: (scroll down to "Foster Care Volunteer Program")

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